Conference – 2009 List of Conference Participants

Heather Anderson Monash University
Robert Anderton European Central Bank
Ric Battellino Reserve Bank of Australia
Harry Bloch Curtin Business School
Adam Cagliarini Reserve Bank of Australia
Michael Dooley University of California, Santa Cruz
Mardi Dungey University of Tasmania
Øyvind Eitrheim Norges Bank
Andrew Filardo Bank for International Settlements, Hong Kong
Renée Fry Centre for Applied Macroeconomic Analysis
David Gruen Australian Treasury
Gabriela Guibourg Sveriges Riksbank
Don Harding La Trobe University
James Holloway Reserve Bank of Australia
Jarkko Jääskelä Reserve Bank of Australia
Callum Jones Reserve Bank of Australia
Graciela Kaminsky George Washington University
Christopher Kent Reserve Bank of Australia
Lutz Kilian University of Michigan
Mariano Kulish Reserve Bank of Australia/td>
Kirdan Lees Reserve Bank of New Zealand
Guay Lim Melbourne Institute
Marco Lombardi European Central Bank
Philip Lowe Reserve Bank of Australia
John McDermott Reserve Bank of New Zealand
Warwick McKibbin Centre for Applied Macroeconomic Analysis
Simon Price Bank of England
Anthony Richards Reserve Bank of Australia
Andrew Rose University of California, Berkeley
Lawrence Schembri Bank of Canada
Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel Catholic University of Chile
Pierre Siklos Wilfrid Laurier University
Glenn Stevens Reserve Bank of Australia
Nao Sudou Bank of Japan
Mark Thirlwell Lowy Institute
Susan Thorp University of Technology Sydney
Shaun Vahey Melbourne Business School
Ine Van Robays Ghent University
John Williams Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco


The editors are grateful to Wendy Baker, Danièle Di Paolo, Paula Drew, Sarah-Jane Edis, Joanne Flynn, Rachel Melville and the staff of Economic Research Department for much help in organising the conference and producing this volume. The editors thank Paul Cashin of the International Monetary Fund and John McDermott of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand for providing data.