RBA Annual Conference – 1977 Conference in Applied Economic Research 5–6 December 1977

The 1977 conference drew together prominent academics and representatives from policy-related institutions to discuss the Reserve Bank of Australia's macroeconometric model RBA76. The volume includes 15 papers, a summary of discussion at the conference and a retrospective endnote. The first two papers, describing the model, were contributed by Bank economists. The remaining 13 papers (12 written by academic and policy economists from outside the Bank and the 13th by a Bank economist) provided commentaries on various aspects of the model.


  • Introduction
    WE Norton, Reserve Bank of Australia
  • Papers on RBA76
    • The RBA76 Model of the Australian Economy
      PD Jonson, Reserve Bank of Australia
      ER Moses, Reserve Bank of Australia
      CR Wymer, Reserve Bank of Australia
    • Development and Use of RBA76
      PD Jonson, Reserve Bank of Australia
      JC Taylor, Reserve Bank of Australia
      MW Butlin, Reserve Bank of Australia
      JI Eberhardt, Reserve Bank of Australia
      RW Rankin, Reserve Bank of Australia
  • Commentaries on RBA76
    • Statistical Methodology in RBA76
      BR Bacon, Australian Bureau of Statistics
      HN Johnston, The Treasury
    • Monetary Dynamics and the Monetary Sector of RBA76
      KT Davis, University of Adelaide
      MK Lewis, University of Adelaide
    • Random Reflections on RBA76
      RS Deane, Reserve Bank of New Zealand
    • Behaviour Characteristics of RBA76
      MR Fisher, Australian Graduate School of Management
    • Inside RBA76
      VW FitzGerald, Industries Assistance Commission
      CI Higgins, The Treasury
    • Statistical Inference and the RBA76 Project
      DEA Giles, Monash University
    • RBA76: Wages and the Balance of Payments
      RG Gregory, Australian National University
    • RBA76: Statistical Inference, the Business Sector and Wages
      RG Hawkins, Reserve Bank of Australia
    • Modelling the Open Economy in Disequilibrium: An Overview of the RBA76 Project
      JF Helliwell, University of British Columbia
    • Comments on RBA76
      DEW Laidler, University of Western Ontario
    • The Determination of Prices and Wages in RBA76
      JW Nevile, University of New South Wales
    • Open Economy Aspects of RBA76
      MG Porter, Monash University
    • Some Theoretical Aspects of RBA76
      SJ Turnovsky, Australian National University
  • Conference Discussion
  • Summary of Day 1
  • RBA76 Meets its Reviewers
    JF Helliwell, University of British Columbia
  • Summary of Day 2
  • Post Conference Reflections
    PD Jonson, Reserve Bank of Australia