Senior officers of the Reserve Bank give speeches and participate in panel discussions on a broad range of topics related to its role and functions. These are part of the Bank's efforts to promote understanding of its decision-making and facilitate accountability to accompany its operational independence.


Panel participation – The Big Debate – at the AusPayNet Summit – Sydney

No text available.

Panel participation at the Australian Securitisation Forum 2019 – Sydney

No text available.

Panel participation at the International Swaps and Derivatives Association – Sydney

No text available

Address at ‘Governor Talk’ event at the International Monetary Fund – Washington, D.C.

No text available

Panel participation at the Redefining Conduct in FX markets event – Sydney

Panel participation at the 13th Annual Tech in Gov conference, Canberra

Bulletin article: The Committed Liquidity Facility

Panel participation at the ANU Crawford Australian Leadership Forum, Canberra

Panel participation at the 2nd Annual Real-Time Payments Summit, Sydney

Panel participation at the Bloomberg-ISDA Benchmarks forum, Hong Kong

Panel discussion – The End of Libor and the Impact on Australian Financial Markets – Sydney

Panel participation at the Financial Stability Institute, Basel, Switzerland

Remarks at the Australian Business Economists Forecasting Conference – Sydney

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