Arrangements for Speeches

The Reserve Bank seeks to ensure a high degree of transparency about its goals, decision-making processes and the basis of its policy decisions. It considers speeches as an important part of its communication with the community.

Set out below are the conditions under which the Reserve Bank of Australia accepts invitations to speak. The Bank does not regard it as appropriate to sign Letters of Engagement.


Text will not be available prior to delivery.

The Bank will publish the text of the formal speech on its website at the time of delivery, and will usually make a limited number of copies available at the venue for media.

The Bank does not allow sponsor organisations to use edited text in their publications unless it gives prior written consent. The published text may be reproduced in full with proper attribution to the Bank. Where the text of speeches is reproduced on a sponsor organisation's website, the reproduction must again be in full and contain a link to the speech on the Bank's website.

The Bank does not consent to or authorise any materials based on its presentation being sold for commercial gain.

In the event that a Bank staff member is unable to present on the scheduled day, the Bank will not agree to conference organisers using other presenters to deliver text prepared by the Bank.


Copyright is reserved by the Reserve Bank of Australia. Conditions for reproduction of speeches are set out on the Bank's website (see

Event organisers

  • The public event will be listed on the Reserve Bank's website around four weeks prior to its scheduled date and include the host’s contact details for information on how to attend.
  • For online-events, a weblink will be posted on the Reserve Bank Media Page.
  • It is the Reserve Bank's preference that media are given free access to that part of any on-the-record event involving a Bank staff member. Provision of food and beverages associated with the event is at the organiser's discretion.
  • Reserve Bank staff do not give interviews or ‘doorstops’. This can be confirmed to media by event organisers.
  • The audio recording of the event involving a Reserve Bank staff member will be published on the Reserve Bank's website for transparency. This includes panel discussions and ‘questions and answers’ sessions as well as their transcripts.
  • The Reserve Bank hires its own audio contractor to record its public appearances and relies on the event organiser to assist the Bank's contractor.
  • A runsheet of the event should be emailed to a couple of days prior to the event.
  • Other media or logistic questions should be referred to the Reserve Bank's External Communications team on: +61 2 9551 9720 or email:


All proposed advertising and other materials related to the Bank's attendance must be cleared by the Bank. Bank participation must not be advertised as conveying exclusive insights to a select group.

Technical arrangements

The Bank will liaise with the event organisers on technical arrangements for the speech, including, for example, the use of PowerPoint, and recording of any Question and Answer session. The Bank usually provides a webcast of its public speeches on its website.


Bank speakers do not wish to receive gifts and would prefer not to be offered them. An alternative could be a donation to a nominated charity such as The Anika Foundation or the Financial Markets Foundation for Children.


The Bank pays the expenses of its speakers as it cannot accept travel or accommodation from others.