Schedule of All Releases

Data produced by the Reserve Bank will generally be available at 11.30 am, released in accordance with a published schedule. Data produced by other organisations will generally be updated on this website at 11.30 am one day after their release. On public holidays, statistics will be generally published on the next business day.

Week commencing 16 May 2022
  Date Time (AEST)
Open Market Operations - Current - A3 Weekdays 3.00 pm
Exchange Rates Weekdays After 4.00 pm
Exchange Rates - Daily - 2018 to Current - F11.1 Weekdays After 4.00 pm
Foreign Exchange Transactions and Holdings of Official Reserve Assets - A4 Thursday, 19 May 11.30 am
Liabilities and Assets - Weekly - A1 Friday, 20 May 4.30 pm
Statement of Liabilities and Assets Friday, 20 May 4.30 pm
† Except Public Holidays.
* This Release is issued every week at this time.

Over Next Few Months

The following releases are expected during the next few months. Any changes will be notified as far as possible in the weekly schedule. Details of forthcoming speeches and other events can be found under ‘Coming Up’ on the Bank's home page.

Releases Expected
Release Frequency May
Index of Commodity Prices Monthly (4.30 pm) Released 1 1 2
Chart Pack Monthly (11.30 am) Released 8 6 3
Retail Payments Monthly (11.30 am) Released 7 7 8
Official Reserve Assets Monthly (4.30 pm) Released 7 7 8
Minutes of Monetary Policy Meeting Monthly (11.30 am) 17 21 19 16
Financial Aggregates Monthly (11.30 am) 31 30 29 31
International Reserves & Foreign Currency Liquidity Monthly (4.30 pm) 31 30 29 31
Statement on Monetary Policy Quarterly (11.30 am) Released 5
Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin Quarterly (11.30 am) 16
Financial Stability Review Half-yearly (11.30 am)
Weights for the TWI(a) Yearly (after 4.00 pm) 1

(a) This release refers to the publication of the 2021 weights for the trade-weighted index (TWI) of the Australian dollar which was postponed from the previous year.

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