Exchange Rates

Exchange rates are published daily except on public and bank holidays observed in New South Wales.

Latest Exchange Rates

Units of Foreign Currencies per Australian Dollar
12 Aug 2022 15 Aug 2022 16 Aug 2022
United States dollar0.71220.70830.7038
Chinese renminbi4.79794.79104.7774
Japanese yen94.8594.3593.82
European euro0.69050.69160.6924
South Korean won927.09922.53920.94
Singapore dollar0.97540.97290.9696
New Zealand dollar1.10281.10431.1061
UK pound sterling0.58360.58500.5843
Malaysian ringgit3.16113.15483.1425
Thai baht25.0625.1424.90
Indonesian rupiah104551043610384
Indian rupee56.7356.4256.06
New Taiwan dollar21.3421.2521.11
Vietnamese dong166621657116474
Hong Kong dollar5.57855.55005.5184
Swiss franc0.67050.66750.6660
Canadian dollar0.90810.90650.9073
Trade-weighted Index (4pm)63.963.863.6
Special Drawing Right0.53640.53480.5331