Exchange Rates

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) calculates and publishes the Trade Weighted Index (TWI). The RBA annually recalculates the weights of the TWI based on the composition of Australia’s merchandise goods and services trade for the previous fiscal year. Currencies that are removed from the TWI will no longer have their exchange rate data published in our statistical tables. These data should not be relied upon for any regulatory or commercial purposes.

Exchange rates are published daily except on public and bank holidays observed in New South Wales.

Latest Exchange Rates

Units of Foreign Currencies per Australian Dollar
19 Jun 2024 20 Jun 2024 21 Jun 2024
United States dollar0.66700.66690.6665
Chinese renminbi4.84014.84184.8395
Japanese yen105.25105.44105.95
European euro0.62120.62110.6219
South Korean won921.67923.24924.76
Singapore dollar0.90110.90130.9021
Indian rupee55.6255.6955.73
New Taiwan dollar21.6021.5821.55
Malaysian ringgit3.14063.14183.1419
New Zealand dollar1.08701.08761.0882
Thai baht24.4924.4824.44
UK pound sterling0.52500.52470.5263
Vietnamese dong169761697616963
Indonesian rupiah109151095210966
Hong Kong dollar5.20825.20545.2000
Canadian dollar0.91510.91470.9115
Philippines peso39.1639.2239.20
Trade-weighted Index (4pm)63.563.563.6
Special Drawing Right0.50630.50620.5059