Statement on Monetary Policy

Our quarterly Statement on Monetary Policy sets out the RBA’s assessment of current economic and financial conditions as well as the outlook that the Reserve Bank Board considers in making its interest rate decisions.

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Financial Stability Review

The Financial Stability Review provides the Bank's assessment of the current resilience of the financial system and potential risks to financial stability. It is issued half-yearly.

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Monetary Policy Minutes

Minutes of the monetary policy meetings of the Reserve Bank Board are published two weeks after each meeting. The Reserve Bank Board meets eight times each year, following the release of key economic data on inflation and economic activity (see Schedule of All Releases). Minutes were first published in December 2007, when minutes for meetings from October 2006 were also released.

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The Bulletin contains articles that discuss economic and financial developments as well as the Bank's operations. Published monthly until December 2009 and thereafter quarterly.

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Research Discussion Papers

Research Discussion Papers contain the results of economic research within the Reserve Bank. They are issued throughout the year, with summaries periodically reproduced in the Bulletin.


Our podcasts bring you insights from the Bank’s leadership team into economics and central banking.

Annual Reports

The Reserve Bank prepares an annual report of its activities and financial statements and the Payments System Board issues its own annual report. The Reserve Bank Annual Report is tabled in parliament.

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Corporate Plan

The Corporate Plan outlines the key functions and purposes of the Reserve Bank and the Bank's assessment of its operating environment, how it will measure and assess its performance, and the key strategies and plans it will implement.


The Bank hosts an annual conference, with collections of papers and discussions published in a summary of proceedings. Individual papers are available on the website at the time of the conference. The Bank also co-hosts a joint conference with the ABS each year.


The Reserve Bank holds regular economic research workshops, and periodically other workshops on special topics.


Submissions by the Bank are commissioned by or prepared for Parliament and its committees. They are also made to other public inquiries.


Consultations in progress.

Assessments of Financial Market Infrastructures

The Bank publishes assessments of financial market infrastructures in its role as supervisor of clearing and settlement facilities and overseer of systemically important payment systems.


Independent reviews of the Reserve Bank and its operations.