RDP 1999-09: Australian Banking Risk: The Stock Market's Assessment and the Relationship Between Capital and Asset Volatility Appendix A: Banking Groups

Several banking groups consisted of both a trading and savings bank – these groups have been consolidated. Where necessary, subsidiary banks have been added to their parent. The banking groups, and the period for which risk measures are obtained, are:

Table A1: Banking Groups
Adelaide Bank (ADL)
January 94 – present
Adelaide Bank
Advance Bank (ADV) (a)*
June 85 – January 97
Advance Bank Australia
Civic Advance Bank
Canberra Advance Bank
Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ)*
March 83 – present
Australia and New Zealand Banking Group
Australia and New Zealand Savings Bank
National Mutual Royal Savings Bank
Town and Country Bank
ANZ Grindlays Bank Limited
Bendigo Bank (BBL)
July 95 – present
Bendigo Bank
Bank of Melbourne (BML)
July 89 – October 97
Bank of Melbourne
Bank of Queensland (BQL)
March 83 – present
Bank of Queensland
Bank of Queensland Savings Bank
Bank of Western Australia (BWA)
February 96 – present
Bank of Western Australia
Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)*
September 91 – present
Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Commonwealth Savings Bank
Australian Bank
Commonwealth Development Bank
State Bank of Victoria
Challenge Bank (CBL)
May 87 – December 95
Challenge Bank
Macquarie Bank (MBL)
July 96 – present
Macquarie Bank
Suncorp-Metway (MET)
July 88 – present
Metway Bank
National Australia Bank (NAB)*
March 83 – present
National Australia Bank
National Australia Savings Bank
Australian Resources Development Bank
Bank of New Zealand
Bank of New Zealand Savings Bank
Standard Chartered Bank (SCB)
May 86 – April 91
Standard Chartered Bank
St. George Bank (STG) (b)*
July 92 – present
St. George Bank
St. George Partnership Banking Ltd
Advance Bank (from 15 January 1997)
Westpac Bank (WBC)*
January 83 – present
Westpac Banking Corporation
Westpac Savings Bank
Challenge Bank (from 9 December 1995)
Bank of Melbourne (from 10 October 1997)
Notes: Only those banks marked with a * are included in the options sample.
(a) In June 1995, ADV raised a substantial amount of capital through a rights issue. The dramatic rise in the market value of ADV caused the two risk measures to move markedly away from their ‘true’ value in the months affected (June – August 1995). For this reason, these months are excluded from the regression analysis presented in Section 5.
(b) In January 1997, STG took-over ADV. The sudden increase in the market value of STG caused the two risk measures to behave abnormally in the months affected (January–March 1997). For this reason, these months are excluded from the regression analysis presented in Section 5.