Research Discussion Papers 2001–2010


RDP 2010-08 Sources of Chinese Demand for Resource Commodities

Ivan Roberts and Anthony Rush

RDP 2010-07 Monetary Policy and the Exchange Rate: Evaluation of VAR Models

Jarkko Jääskelä and David Jennings

RDP 2010-06 Asset Prices, Credit Growth, Monetary and Other Policies: An Australian Case Study

Paul Bloxham, Christopher Kent and Michael Robson

RDP 2010-04 Employment Composition: A Study of Australian Employment Growth, 2002–2006

Jeremy Lawson and Crystal Ossolinski

RDP 2010-03 Modelling Inflation in Australia

David Norman and Anthony Richards

RDP 2010-02 Learning in an Estimated Small Open Economy Model

Jarkko Jääskelä and Rebecca McKibbin

RDP 2010-01 Reconciling Microeconomic and Macroeconomic Estimates of Price Stickiness

Adam Cagliarini, Tim Robinson and Allen Tran


RDP 2009-10 Global Relative Price Shocks: The Role of Macroeconomic Policies

Adam Cagliarini and Warwick McKibbin

RDP 2009-09 Volatility in International Capital Movements

Chris Becker and Clare Noone

RDP 2009-08 Leverage Constraints and the International Transmission of Shocks

Michael B Devereux and James Yetman

RDP 2009-07 Estimating Marginal Propensities to Consume in Australia Using Micro Data

Laura Berger-Thomson, Elaine Chung and Rebecca McKibbin

RDP 2009-06 Inflation Volatility and Forecast Accuracy

Jamie Hall and Jarkko Jääskelä

RDP 2009-05 Macroeconomic Volatility and Terms of Trade Shocks

Dan Andrews and Daniel Rees

RDP 2009-04 Price Incentives and Consumer Payment Behaviour

John Simon, Kylie Smith and Tim West

RDP 2009-03 Competition Between Payment Systems: Results

George Gardner and Andrew Stone

RDP 2009-02 Competition Between Payment Systems

George Gardner and Andrew Stone


RDP 2008-09 A Term Structure Decomposition of the Australian Yield Curve

Richard Finlay and Mark Chambers

RDP 2008-07 A Medium-scale Open Economy Model of Australia

Jarkko Jääskelä and Kristoffer Nimark

RDP 2008-06 Promoting Liquidity: Why and How?

Jonathan Kearns and Philip Lowe

RDP 2008-05 Understanding the Flattening Phillips Curve

Ken Kuttner and Tim Robinson

RDP 2008-04 A Small BVAR-DSGE Model for Forecasting the Australian Economy

Andrew Hodge, Tim Robinson and Robyn Stuart

RDP 2008-03 Monetary Transmission and the Yield Curve in a Small Open Economy

Mariano Kulish and Daniel Rees

RDP 2008-02 Combining Multivariate Density Forecasts Using Predictive Criteria

Hugo Gerard and Kristoffer Nimark

RDP 2008-01 A Sectoral Model of the Australian Economy

Jeremy Lawson and Daniel Rees


RDP 2007-12 Dynamic Pricing and Imperfect Common Knowledge

Kristoffer Nimark

RDP 2007-11 Global Imbalances and the Global Saving Glut – A Panel Data Assessment

Anthony Legg, Nalini Prasad and Tim Robinson

RDP 2007-09 Private Business Investment in Australia

Lynne Cockerell and Steven Pennings

RDP 2007-06 The Butterfly Effect of Small Open Economies

Jarkko Jääskelä and Mariano Kulish

RDP 2007-05 Labour Force Participation and Household Debt

Rochelle Belkar, Lynne Cockerell and Rebecca Edwards

RDP 2007-04 Productivity Growth: The Effect of Market Regulations

Christopher Kent and John Simon

RDP 2007-03 Forecasting with Factors: The Accuracy of Timeliness

Christian Gillitzer and Jonathan Kearns

RDP 2007-02 Current Account Deficits: The Australian Debate

Rochelle Belkar, Lynne Cockerell and Christopher Kent


RDP 2006-10 The Performance of Trimmed Mean Measures of Underlying Inflation

Andrea Brischetto and Anthony Richards

RDP 2006-08 A Survey of Housing Equity Withdrawal and Injection in Australia

Carl Schwartz, Tim Hampton, Christine Lewis and David Norman

RDP 2006-06 Ageing, Retirement and Savings: A General Equilibrium Analysis

Mariano Kulish, Kathryn Smith and Christopher Kent

RDP 2006-02 Term Structure Rules for Monetary Policy

Mariano Kulish


RDP 2005-11 A Small Model of the Australian Macroeconomy: An Update

Andrew Stone, Troy Wheatley and Louise Wilkinson

RDP 2005-10 Housing and the Household Wealth Portfolio: The Role of Location

Marion Kohler and Kylie Smith

RDP 2005-08 Declining Output Volatility: What Role for Structural Change?

Christopher Kent, Kylie Smith and James Holloway

RDP 2005-07 The Australian Business Cycle: A Coincident Indicator Approach

Christian Gillitzer, Jonathan Kearns and Anthony Richards

RDP 2005-04 Monetary Policy, Asset-price Bubbles and the Zero Lower Bound

Tim Robinson and Andrew Stone

RDP 2005-03 Property Owners in Australia: A Snapshot

Marion Kohler and Anthony Rossiter

RDP 2005-01 Long-term Patterns in Australia's Terms of Trade

Christian Gillitzer and Jonathan Kearns


RDP 2004-11 Trade Openness: An Australian Perspective

Simon Guttmann and Anthony Richards

RDP 2004-10 News and Interest Rate Expectations: A Study of Six Central Banks

Ellis Connolly and Marion Kohler

RDP 2004-09 Co-movement of Australian State Business Cycles

David Norman and Thomas Walker

RDP 2004-08 Housing Construction Cycles and Interest Rates

Laura Berger-Thomson and Luci Ellis

RDP 2004-07 The Profitability of Speculators in Currency Futures Markets

Jonathan Kearns and Phil Manners

RDP 2004-04 Inflation Convergence Across Countries

Markus Hyvonen

RDP 2004-03 Fear of Sudden Stops: Lessons from Australia and Chile

Ricardo J Caballero, Kevin Cowan and Jonathan Kearns

RDP 2004-02 The Impact of Rating Changes in Australian Financial Markets

Adam Creighton, Luke Gower and Anthony Richards

RDP 2004-01 The Impact of Superannuation on Household Saving

Ellis Connolly and Marion Kohler


RDP 2003-12 The Real-time Forecasting Performance of Phillips Curves

Tim Robinson, Andrew Stone and Marileze van Zyl

RDP 2003-11 How Should Monetary Policy Respond to Asset-price Bubbles?

David Gruen, Michael Plumb and Andrew Stone

RDP 2003-10 Productivity and Inflation

Tim Bulman and John Simon

RDP 2003-09 Housing Leverage in Australia

Luci Ellis, Jeremy Lawson and Laura Roberts-Thomson

RDP 2003-06 The Characteristics and Trading Behaviour of Dual-listed Companies

Jaideep Bedi, Anthony Richards and Paul Tennant

RDP 2003-05 What Do Financial Market Data Tell Us About Monetary Policy Transparency?

Jonathan Coppel and Ellis Connolly

RDP 2003-03 Australia's Medium-run Exchange Rate: A Macroeconomic Balance Approach

Nikola Dvornak, Marion Kohler and Gordon Menzies

RDP 2003-01 Business Surveys and Economic Activity

Chris Aylmer and Troy Gill


RDP 2002-08 Currency Crises and Macroeconomic Performance

Luke Gower and Alan Krause

RDP 2002-07 An Exploration of Marginal Attachment to the Australian Labour Market

Matthew Gray, Alexandra Heath and Boyd Hunter

RDP 2002-06 Output Gaps in Real Time: Are They Reliable Enough to Use for Monetary Policy?

David Gruen, Tim Robinson and Andrew Stone

RDP 2002-05 Real-time National Accounts Data

Andrew Stone and Sharon Wardrop

RDP 2002-04 Labour Market Adjustment in Regional Australia

Jeremy Lawson and Jacqueline Dwyer

RDP 2002-03 International Financial Liberalisation and Economic Growth

Ben McLean and Sona Shrestha


RDP 2001-09 What do Sentiment Surveys Measure?

Ivan Roberts and John Simon

RDP 2001-08 City Sizes, Housing Costs, and Wealth

Luci Ellis and Dan Andrews

RDP 2001-05 Understanding OECD Output Correlations

Glenn Otto, Graham Voss and Luke Willard

RDP 2001-02 Changes in the Determinants of Inflation in Australia

Jacqueline Dwyer and Kenneth Leong