Research Discussion Papers 1971–1980


RDP 8008 The Market for Commonwealth Government Securities

William Evans and Harry Rozenstein

RDP 8007 Inflation and Relative Prices: the Australian Experience

Kenneth Clements and Phuong Nguyen

RDP 8006 Models and Multipliers

Peter Jonson, Warwick McKibbin and Robert Trevor

RDP 8005 Social Security, Debt Finance, and Savings

Jeffrey Carmichael and Kim Hawtrey


RDP 7904 Some Aspects of RBA76 and RBF1

John Taylor

RDP 7903 Monetary Rules: A Preliminary Analysis

Peter Jonson and Robert Trevor

RDP 7902 Financial Modelling in Australia

William Evans


RDP 7802 Unemployment: An Econometric Dissection

Peter Jonson, Ric Battellino and Francis Campbell

RDP 7801 Two Essays in Monetary Economics

Peter Jonson


RDP 7707 Money and the Balance of Payments

Peter Jonson, Robert Rankin and John Taylor

RDP 7705 Modelling Monetary Disequilibrium

Peter Jonson and John Taylor


RDP 7601 A Minimal Model of the Australian Economy

P.D. Jonson, E.R. Moses, C.R. Wymer


RDP 7503 Inflation in Industrial Countries: Two Theoretical Views

A. Blundell-Wignall, J. Carmichael


RDP 33 Inflation: Prices and Earnings in Australia

P.J. Boxall, J. Carmichael


RDP 27 revised Earnings and Award Wages in Australia

P.D. Jonson, K.L. Mahar, G.J. Thompson


RDP 27 Earnings and Award Wages in Australia

P.D. Jonson, K.L. Mahar

RDP 26 Investment Time Lags

R.G. Hawkins, I. Lapham


RDP 19 Prospectus for RBA2

J.F. Helliwell, W.E. Norton

RDP 17 Equations of Exports of Goods

I.J. Macfarlane