Research Discussion Papers 1969–1970


RDP 15 An Equation for Imports of Goods

I.J. Macfarlane

RDP 12 Testing Two Theories of Business Fixed Investment

N.C. Mackrell, J. Frisch and P. Roope

RDP 11 A Model of the Monetary Sector

W.E. Norton, A.M. Cohen and K.M. Sweeny

RDP 10 Investment in Dwellings: An Econometric Approach

G.P. Kelly and W.E. Norton

RDP 09 Equations for Australian Exports

J.R. Broadbent

RDP 08 Price Equations for Australia

K.E. Schott and K.M. Sweeny


RDP 04 A Demand Equation for Imports

W.E. Norton and G.H. Jackson

RDP 03 Demand Equations for Money

A.M. Cohen and W.E. Norton

RDP 02 A Short Term Employment Function for Australia

W.E. Norton and K.M. Sweeny

RDP 01 Equations for Personal Consumption Expenditure

W.E. Norton and J.R. Broadbent