Research Discussion Papers 1991–2000


RDP 2000-10 Monetary Policy-making in the Presence of Knightian Uncertainty

Adam Cagliarini and Alexandra Heath

RDP 2000-09 Consumption and Wealth

Alvin Tan and Graham Voss

RDP 2000-08 Nominal Wage Rigidity in Australia

Jacqueline Dwyer and Kenneth Leong

RDP 2000-06 Inflation Targeting and Exchange Rate Fluctuations in Australia

Chris Ryan and Christopher Thompson

RDP 2000-05 A Small Model of the Australian Macroeconomy

Meredith Beechey, Nargis Bharucha, Adam Cagliarini, David Gruen and Christopher Thompson

RDP 2000-04 Keynes and Australia

Donald J Markwell

RDP 2000-02 Forecasting Australian Economic Activity Using Leading Indicators

Andrea Brischetto and Graham Voss

RDP 2000-01 The Efficient Market Hypothesis: A Survey

Meredith Beechey, David Gruen and James Vickery


RDP 1999-12 Unemployment and Skills in Australia

James Vickery

RDP 1999-11 A Structural Vector Autoregression Model of Monetary Policy in Australia

Andrea Brischetto and Graham Voss

RDP 1999-10 The Implications of Uncertainty for Monetary Policy

Geoffrey Shuetrim and Christopher Thompson

RDP 1999-06 Two Depressions, One Banking Collapse

Chay Fisher and Christopher Kent

RDP 1999-03 Householders' Inflation Expectations

Andrea Brischetto and Gordon de Brouwer

RDP 1999-02 Reservation Wages and the Duration of Unemployment

Alexandra Heath and Troy Swann

RDP 1999-01 The Phillips Curve in Australia

David Gruen, Adrian Pagan and Christopher Thompson


RDP 9809 Estimating Output Gaps

Gordon de Brouwer

RDP 9808 What Moves Yields in Australia?

Frank Campbell and Eleanor Lewis

RDP 9807 Inflation Targeting in a Small Open Economy

Nargis Bharucha and Christopher Kent

RDP 9806 Policy Rules for Open Economies

Laurence Ball

RDP 9805 The Origin of the Asian Financial Turmoil

Morris Goldstein and John Hawkins

RDP 9804 Stylised Facts of the Australian Labour Market

Guy Debelle and Troy Swann


RDP 9709 Asset-price Bubbles and Monetary Policy

Christopher Kent and Philip Lowe

RDP 9708 Measuring Traded Market Risk: Value-at-risk and Backtesting Techniques

Colleen Cassidy and Marianne Gizycki

RDP 9703 The Implementation of Monetary Policy in Australia

Ric Battellino, John Broadbent and Philip Lowe

RDP 9702 The Lags of Monetary Policy

David Gruen, John Romalis and Naveen Chandra


RDP 9612 External Influences on Output: An Industry Analysis

Gordon de Brouwer and John Romalis

RDP 9610 Share Prices and Investment

Michael Andersen and Robert Subbaraman

RDP 9606 The Information Content of Financial Aggregates in Australia

Ellis W. Tallman and Naveen Chandra

RDP 9605 The Evolving Structure of the Australian Financial System

Malcolm Edey and Brian Gray

RDP 9604 Issues in Modelling Monetary Policy

Malcolm Edey and John Romalis


RDP 9512 Consumption, Investment and International Linkages

Guy Debelle and Bruce Preston

RDP 9511 Superannuation and Saving

Steven Morling and Robert Subbaraman

RDP 9510 Modelling Inflation in Australia

Gordon de Brouwer and Neil R. Ericsson

RDP 9509 Australian Wage and Price Inflation: 1971–1994

Lynne Cockerell and Bill Russell

RDP 9508 Are Terms of Trade Rises Inflationary?

David Gruen and Jacqueline Dwyer

RDP 9507 Macroeconomic Policies and Growth

Palle Andersen and David Gruen

RDP 9503 Monetary Policy Goals for Inflation in Australia

Guy Debelle and Glenn Stevens

RDP 9502 Price Stickiness and Inflation

Richard De Abreu Lourenco and David Gruen


RDP 9411 Demand Shocks, Inflation and the Business Cycle

Richard de Abreu Lourenco and Philip Lowe

RDP 9410 An Empirical Examination of the Fisher Effect in Australia

Frederic S. Mishkin and John Simon

RDP 9408 The Supervisory Treatment of Banks' Market Risk

Stephanie Weston and Brian Gray

RDP 9404 Wage Dispersion and Labour Market Institutions: A Cross Country Study

Michael Coelli, Jerome Fahrer and Holly Lindsay

RDP 9403 Capital Constraints and Employment

Jerome Fahrer and John Simon

RDP 9402 The Influence of Financial Factors on Corporate Investment

Karen Mills, Steven Morling and Warren Tease

RDP 9401 Resource Flows to the Traded Goods Sector

Jacqueline Dwyer and Christine Groeger


RDP 9314 The Demand for Money in Australia: New Tests on an Old Topic

Gordon de Brouwer, Irene Ng and Robert Subbaraman

RDP 9313 The Determinants of Corporate Leverage: A Panel Data Analysis

Geoffrey Shuetrim, Philip Lowe and Steve Morling

RDP 9312 A Re-examination of the Determinants of Australia's Imports

Jacqueline Dwyer and Christopher Kent

RDP 9311 Agency Costs, Balance Sheets and the Business Cycle

Philip Lowe and Thomas Rohling

RDP 9310 Explaining the Recent Performance of Australia's Manufactured Exports

Gordon Menzies and Geoffrey Heenan

RDP 9309 Alternative Concepts of the Real Exchange Rate: A Reconciliation

Jacqueline Dwyer and Philip Lowe

RDP 9308 Balance Sheet Restructuring and Investment

Karen Mills, Steve Morling and Warren Tease

RDP 9307 Explaining Forward Discount Bias: Is it Anchoring?

David W. R. Gruen and Marianne Gizycki

RDP 9306 Inventories and the Business Cycle

Darren Flood and Philip Lowe

RDP 9305 The Unemployment/Vacancy Relationship in Australia

Jerome Fahrer and Andrew Pease

RDP 9304 Exchange Rate Pass-through: The Different Responses of Importers and Exporters

Jacqueline Dwyer, Christopher Kent and Andrew Pease

RDP 9302 A Decade of Australian Banking Risk: Evidence from Share Prices

Marianne Gizycki and Mark Levonian


RDP 9216 The Evolution of Corporate Financial Structure: 1973-1990

Philip Lowe and Geoffrey Shuetrim

RDP 9215 The Evolution of Employment and Unemployment in Australia

Jerome Fahrer and Alexandra Heath

RDP 9214 The Cash Market in Australia

Bob Rankin

RDP 9211 Dividends and Taxation: A Preliminary Investigation

Tim Callen, Steven Morling and Jill Pleban

RDP 9209 Financial Liberalisation and Consumption Behaviour

Adrian Blundell-Wignall, Frank Browne, Stefano Cavaglia and Alison Tarditi

RDP 9208 Credit Supply and Demand and the Australian Economy

Adrian Blundell-Wignall and Marianne Gizycki

RDP 9207 Indicators of Inflationary Pressure

Michael Coelli and Jerome Fahrer

RDP 9206 Loan Rate Stickiness: Theory and Evidence

Philip Lowe and Thomas Rohling

RDP 9205 Measuring the Cost of Capital in Australia

Nigel Dews, John Hawkins and Tracey Horton

RDP 9203 Real Exchange Rates and the Globalisation of Financial Markets

Adrian Blundell-Wignall and Frank Browne

RDP 9202 Some Tests of Competition in the Australian Housing Loan Market

Jerome Fahrer and Thomas Rohling


RDP 9106 The Direction of Australian Investment from 1985/86 to 1988/89

Christopher Kent and Patricia Scott

RDP 9105 Inflation in Australia: Causes, Inertia and Policy

Jerome Fahrer and Justin Myatt

RDP 9102 Indicators of Economic Activity: A Review

Malcolm Edey and Jill Pleban