Research Discussion Papers 1981–1990


RDP 9010 Volatility of the Australian Dollar Exchange Rate

Lindsay Boulton, Mardi Dungey and Melissa Parkin

RDP 9005 Real Exchange Rates and Australian Export Competitiveness

Mathew Jones and Jenny Wilkinson

RDP 9004 Saving and Investment in the 1980s

Malcolm Edey and Mark Britten-Jones

RDP 9003 Balance of Payments in the 1980s

Warren Tease


RDP 8910 An Analysis of the Determinants of Imports

Tracey Horton and Jenny Wilkinson

RDP 8908 Capital Flows and Exchange Rate Determination

Ian Macfarlane and Warren Tease

RDP 8907 Tax Policy and Housing Investment in Australia

Mark Britten-Jones and Warwick McKibbin

RDP 8902 Option Prices and Implied Volatilities: An Empirical Analysis

Malcolm Edey and Graham Elliott


RDP 8808 Consumption and Permanent Income: The Australian Case

Warwick McKibbin and Anthony Richards

RDP 8807 The Cost of Capital: Some Issues

Nigel Dews

RDP 8806 Employment, Output and Real Wages

Bill Russell and Warren Tease

RDP 8805 The Relationship Between Financial Indicators and Activity: 1968–1987

Michele Bullock, Dirk Morris and Glenn Stevens

RDP 8804 Pricing Behaviour in Australian Financial Future Markets

Malcolm Edey and Graham Elliott

RDP 8803 Do Financial Aggregates Lead Activity? A Preliminary Analysis

Michele Bullock, Glenn Stevens and Susan Thorp


RDP 8713 Estimating the Inflationary Effects of Depreciation

Tony Richards and Glenn Stevens

RDP 8712 Policy Analysis with the MSG2 Model

Warwick McKibbin

RDP 8711 Deviations from Purchasing Power Parity: The Australian Case

Adrian Blundell-Wignall and Marilyn Thomas

RDP 8710 Transmission of External Shocks in the RBII Model

Malcolm Edey, Elaine Kerrison and Gordon Menzies

RDP 8709 A Note on Aggregate Investment in Australia

Warwick McKibbin and Eric Siegloff

RDP 8703 Money Demand, Own Interest Rates and Deregulation

Adrian Blundell-Wignall and Susan Thorp

RDP 8701 The Australian Demand Function for Money: Another Look at Stability

Glenn Stevens, Susan Thorp and John Anderson


RDP 8609 The Performance of Exchange Rate Forecasts

Philip Lowe and Robert Trevor

RDP 8605 On Some Recent Developments in Monetary Economics

Peter Jonson and Robert Rankin

RDP 8604 Leading Indexes: Do They?

Robert Trevor and Stephen Donald



RDP 8402 Financial Innovation Bibliography

Lindsay Boulton and Warren Tease

RDP 8401 The Equations of the RBA82 Model of the Australian Economy

Jerome Fahrer, Robert Rankin and John Taylor


RDP 8303 The 1930's and the 1980's: Some Facts

Peter Jonson and Glenn Stevens

RDP 8302 Economic Forecasts and Their Assessment

Ian Macfarlane and John Hawkins


RDP 8204 An Econometric Model of the Australian Trading Banks: 1974–1980

Matthew Butlin, Kim Hawtrey and Chris Ryan

RDP 8201 Money, Wealth and Prices: An Empirical Analysis

Ulrich Kohli and Warwick McKibbin


RDP 8104 External and Domestic Interactions: A Sensitivity Analysis (Further Results)

Peter Jonson, Warwick McKibbin and R.G. Trevor

RDP 8103 The Labour Market in Australia: A Review

Francis Campbell

RDP 8101T Overdrafts and Credit Rationing

Matthew Butlin