Research Discussion Paper – RDP 8502 Meeting on Monetary Issues


An informal meeting of monetary economists from academic and official spheres was held at the Bank on 8 August 1985. The meeting was designed to discuss technical issues highlighted by the deregulation of the financial system over the past few years. (Participants and papers on which discussion was based are listed in an appendix to the report of the discussion.)

The discussion covered many issues, although several broad themes recurred during the course of the day. These included:

  • The instruments and techniques of implementing monetary policy.
  • The extent to which deregulation would affect patterns of financing.
  • Recent evidence on the stability of the demand for money.
  • The appropriate setting of monetary policy during a period of structural change in the financial system.
  • The role of the Reserve Bank in informing the community, in general, and financial markets, in particular, about changes in the setting and implementation of policy.

This Research Discussion Paper presents a summary of the meeting and an unpublished paper prepared for the meeting.

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