Research Discussion Paper – RDP 9013 A Select Bibliography of Published Research by the Reserve Bank of Australia: 1969–1990


This bibliography provides a summary of the major pieces of published research produced by the Reserve Bank of Australia. It takes 1969 as its starting point, because earlier work is already included in Margaret Bourke's Bibliography of Australian Finance 1900–1968.

It does not attempt to be comprehensive in that it does not include conference papers, university discussion papers, or publications mainly aimed at school students. Nor does it include articles contained in the Bank's regular monthly Bulletin, for which an index is already available. It also excludes work by staff of the Bank that was done in their private capacity, e.g. publications arising out of Masters and PhD dissertations, and research done while on secondment to other organisations.

The aim of this bibliography is to list the publications that resulted from the normal economic analysis and research carried out in the Reserve Bank of Australia, mainly in its Research Department. This includes four main categories: Research Discussion Papers, Occasional Papers, Conference Volumes, and publications in books and economics journals that were not formally published as Research Discussion Papers.

The arrangement is as follows :

  1. Research Discussion Papers. In this section are listed all the Research Discussion Papers issued by the Research Department to date. Those papers that have also been published in journals or books are indicated by a footnote.
  2. Occasional Papers. A complete list of titles of the Reserve Bank of Australia's Occasional Paper series is included in this section.
  3. Conference Volumes. Contents of the proceedings of conferences held at the Reserve Bank of Australia are covered in this section, including papers commissioned from economists outside the Bank.
  4. Other Published Documents. Included in this section are papers that are the result of work undertaken in the Bank's Research Department and which have been published in books or journals, subject to the exclusions listed in paragraph 2 above. Works cited in the earlier sections are not included.

Entries in sections 1, 3 and 4 are arranged in chronological order. Entries in section 2 are arranged by the Occasional Paper number.

The bibliography has been compiled with the assistance of the Research Library staff, most notably that of Christine van der Leeuw and Lynne Brown. Their help is gratefully acknowledged. Thanks are also due to Elizabeth Bandy who helped with the data entry.