Research Discussion Paper – RDP 2022-01 MARTIN Gets a Bank Account: Adding a Banking Sector to the RBA's Macroeconometric Model


For generously giving up their time to help us understand the bank modelling frameworks used by the RBA, we would like to thank Megan Garner, Nick Garvin, Lea Jurkovic, Marcus Miller, David Norman, Anirudh Suthakar, Dmitry Titkov and Callan Windsor. We would also like to thank Natasha Cassidy, Luci Ellis, Rochelle Guttmann, John Muellbauer, David Norman, Daniel Rees, Ivan Roberts, John Simon and participants at APRA, RBA and RBNZ seminars for their helpful comments and suggestions. The views expressed in this paper are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Reserve Bank of Australia. The authors are solely responsible for any errors.