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Occasional Papers

3G Norton W.E. and J.F. Henderson, A Model of the Australian Economy: A Further Report, March 1972.
3H Hawkins R.G., Margaret R. Kelly and R.E. Lightfoot, Factor Demands, Stocks and Prices: An Interrelated Approach. December 1972.

Research Discussion Papers

7504 Henderson J.F., and P.M. Norman, The Equations of the RBA1/74 Model of the Australian Economy, November 1975.
7601 Jonson P.D., E.R. Moses and C.R. Wymer, A Minimal Model of the Australian Economy, November 1976.
7701 Butlin M.W., A Preliminary Annual Database; 1900/01 to 1973/74, (Abridged Version), May 1977.
7702 Jonson P.D., and J.C. Taylor, Inflation and Economic Stability in a Small Open Economy: A Systems Approach, June 1977.
7703 Jonson P.D., and M.W. Butlin, Price and Quantity Responses to Monetary Impulses in a Model of a Small Open Economy, July 1977.
7704 Laidler, D.E.W., Money and Money-Income: An Essay on the “Transmission Mechanism”, August 1977.
7705 Jonson, P.D. and J.C. Taylor, Modelling Monetary Disequilibrium, September 1977.
7706 Jonson, P.D. and J.I. Eberhardt, Interest Rates and Exchange Rate Expectations in the RBA76 Model, October 1977.
7707 Jonson, P.D., R.W. Rankin and J.C. Taylor, Money and the Balance of Payments, October 1977.

R.B.A. Conference Proceedings

  • Papers in Monetary Economics, Volumes I and II, 1975.
  • Conference in Applied Economic Research, 1976. (Price $1)

October 1977