Governor Michele Bullock

Photograph of Michele Bullock

Michele Bullock is Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Ms Bullock commenced as Governor on 18 September 2023. She is Chair of the Reserve Bank Board, Payments System Board and Council of Financial Regulators. Prior to her current role, Ms Bullock was the Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Ms Bullock has also held a variety of senior management positions in the Bank. She was Assistant Governor (Financial System), Assistant Governor (Business Services), Assistant Governor (Currency), Adviser for the Currency Group and, before that, Head of Payments Policy Department.

Education University of New England (BEc Hons 1984)
London School of Economics (MSc 1989)
1985–1998 Reserve Bank of Australia; various positions in Economic Group and International Department
1998–2007 Chief Manager, Payments Policy Department
2007–10 Head of Payments Policy Department
2010 Adviser, Currency Group
2010-2015 Assistant Governor (Currency)
2015-2016 Assistant Governor (Business Services)
2016-2022 Assistant Governor (Financial System)
2022-2023 Deputy Governor Reserve Bank of Australia