Educators Advisory Panel

The Educators Advisory Panel (EAP) was established by the Reserve Bank in 2017.

The role of the EAP is to provide expert guidance to the Bank on matters of education so as to inform the Bank's educational initiatives. The EAP will:

  • provide guidance on the Bank's strategy for public education;
  • provide feedback on educational resources, outputs and events that have been designed or commissioned by the Bank in support of its public education objectives;
  • recommend subject matter and resources for inclusion in the Bank's public education program;
  • help keep the Bank abreast of developments in curriculum and approaches to learning that have bearing on its public education program; and
  • inform the Bank of developments in the education sector that are relevant to the effective delivery of its public education program.

The Panel meets two to three times per year in person.


Membership of the EAP comprises the Head of Information Department and external experts. Appointments are for a three-year term and will be reviewed at the end of that term.

Panel members
Member Organisation State
Jacqui Dwyer (Chair) Reserve Bank of Australia NSW
Christine Reid Business Educators Australasia
Victorian Commercial Teachers Association
Joe Alvaro Economics and Business Educators NSW NSW
Andrew Fitzpatrick Economics Teachers' Association of Western Australia WA
Chris Burrows Economics Teachers Society of South Australia SA
Matt Dalziel Business Educators Australasia – Tasmania TAS
Christine Dowd Queensland Economics Teachers Association QLD
Prof. John Romalis University of Sydney NSW
Bernadette Gigliotti Australian Centre for Career Education VIC
Assoc Prof. Mark Melatos University of Sydney NSW
Timmee Grinham Fintona Girls' School VIC
Alexander Symonds Emanuel School NSW