Small Business Finance Advisory Panel

The Small Business Finance Advisory Panel was established by the Reserve Bank in 1993 and meets annually to discuss issues relating to the provision of finance, as well as the broader economic environment for small businesses. To gain a variety of perspectives, panellists are selected from a range of industries and locations across Australia and serve on the Panel for three years.

The Panel provides the Bank with valuable information on the financial and economic conditions faced by small businesses throughout Australia. In addition to the Panel, the Bank meets with, and obtains relevant information from, a number of small businesses and small business groups through its liaison program.

Members of the 2021 Panel
Panellist Business Name State
Mr Troy Douglas Nexba NSW
Mr Vincent Fletcher CartonCloud QLD
Mr Shannon Hautot HungryHungry VIC
Mr Kieran Hynes Willyama Services ACT
Ms Julie Mathers Flora and Fauna NSW
Mr Robert Ravens Bridestowe Estate TAS
Ms Mary Thompson McLeod Rail VIC
Ms Maria Xynias Ladies Running Errands NSW


The appointment of panellists to the Reserve Bank's Small Business Finance Advisory Panel does not constitute an endorsement by the Reserve Bank of Australia of, and the Reserve Bank of Australia accepts no liability in connection with, any products or services provided by that person or any organisation with which they are associated from time to time.