Work Health & Safety Policy (WHS)

1. Purpose and Application

The wellbeing of the Bank's workers, and its obligation to provide a safe and healthy workplace, are responsibilities of paramount importance.

The Bank is committed to achieving the highest standards of health and safety for workers, contractors, visitors and suppliers. The Bank's commitment to the effective implementation of the Work Health and Safety Policy will aim to prevent injury and harm at any of the Bank's workplaces.

1.1 What does this policy relate to?

The Bank will take all reasonably practicable steps to maintain and develop a healthy and safe work environment for its workers, including contractors. The Bank will also ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that other persons such as visitors, members of the public, suppliers and trades people are provided with sufficient information and resources to ensure that they are not exposed to health and safety risks resulting from work carried out as part of the Bank's operations. It will do this by adopting a risk-based health and safety program which complies with relevant health and safety legislation and other requirements.

An essential element of the program is a cooperative and consultative relationship on health and safety matters between officers, supervisors and workers at all levels, with a view to achieving continuous improvement through implementation of the Work Health & Safety Plan. The Bank expects its workers, including managers and staff to also take all reasonable and practicable steps to ensure that they do not take any action or make any omission that creates a risk, or increases an existing risk to their own health or safety or that of other people at the workplace.

1.2 Who does this policy apply to?

This Policy applies to workers, contractors and other persons such as visitors, members of the public, suppliers and trades people.

1.3 Policy ownership

The Policy is owned by the Governor. It will be reviewed at least every two years, coordinated by Human Resources. Changes to the Policy must be endorsed by the Head of Human Resources and the Governor.

2. The Bank's Policy Framework

To achieve a health and safe work environment, the Bank will adhere to the following principles.

2.1 Consultation

The Bank will consult, so far as is reasonably practicable, with workers, including contractors and volunteers, who carry out work for the Bank and who are (or are likely to be) directly affected by a health and safety matter.

2.2 Training and Awareness

The Bank will:

  • provide all workers with appropriate information, instructions, training and supervision to enable them to perform their work in a manner that is safe and without risk to their health; this shall include the need for compliance with all requirements and regulations, especially while performing their duties
  • ensure that supervisors and all levels of management are aware of their responsibilities for health and safety and that the appropriate safe practices and procedures are observed in their area.

2.3 Monitor, Report and Review

The Bank will:

  • monitor workplace conditions and health and safety at work, and maintain appropriate information and records relating to worker health and safety
  • monitor the content of all relevant health and safety legislation, standards, codes of practice, and guidelines and review existing policies and procedures regularly and in light of any legislative changes and defined events
  • provide adequate mechanisms for reviewing the effectiveness of the above provisions and determine any gaps, actions or resources required for the continuous improvement of the Bank's health and safety management system
  • report to the Bank's Executive and Board on relevant developments
  • maintain a WHS management plan with measurable objectives and targets for health and safety to ensure continuous improvement aimed at elimination of work-related illness and injury.

2.4 Workers' Compensation and Rehabilitation

The Bank will also provide a framework to actively manage all workers' compensation programs and provide early intervention and rehabilitation strategies. In the event of a claim for workers' compensation the Bank will deal with that claim as quickly as possible, without regard to technicalities and on the merits of the individual claim.

2.5 Provide Resources

The Bank will provide appropriate financial and other resources to ensure that work health and safety programs and initiatives are established, implemented and maintained.