RBA Annual Conference – 2003 List of Conference Participants

Charlie Bean Bank of England
Stephen Bell The University of Queensland
Jillian Broadbent Company Director and Reserve Bank of Australia Board Member
Robert Carling New South Wales Treasury
Jeff Carmichael Carmichael Consulting
Karl Case Wellesley College
Chris Caton BT Financial Group
Stephen Cecchetti Brandeis University
Tim Colebatch The Age
Max Corden The University of Melbourne
Gordon de Brouwer The Australian National University
Mardi Dungey The Australian National University
Malcolm Edey Reserve Bank of Australia
John Edwards HSBC, Australia
Barry Eichengreen University of California, Berkeley
Saul Eslake Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited
Bill Evans Westpac Banking Corporation
Ross Gittins The Sydney Morning Herald
David Gruen Department of the Treasury, Australia
Philip Lowe Reserve Bank of Australia
Robert McCauley Bank for International Settlements
Ian Macfarlane Reserve Bank of Australia
Warwick McKibbin The Australian National University and Reserve Bank of Australia Board Member
David Merrett The University of Melbourne
Alan Mitchell The Australian Financial Review
Adrian Pagan The Australian National University and The University of New South Wales
Martin Parkinson Department of the Treasury, Australia
John Pierce New South Wales Treasury
John Plender Financial Times
Michael Plumb Reserve Bank of Australia
Adam Posen Institute for International Economics
Anthony Richards Reserve Bank of Australia
Tim Robinson Reserve Bank of Australia
Colin Rogers The University of Adelaide
John Simon Reserve Bank of Australia
Glenn Stevens Reserve Bank of Australia
Dave Stockton Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
Andrew Stone Reserve Bank of Australia
Trevor Sykes The Australian Financial Review
Wataru Takahashi Bank of Japan
Max Walsh The Bulletin
Alan Wood The Australian
Ian Woolford Reserve Bank of New Zealand
Judy Yates The University of Sydney


The editors are grateful to Pam Dillon, Danièle Di Paolo, Paula Drew, Joanne Flynn, Kylie Lowe, David Wong and the staff of Economic Research Department for much help in organising the conference and producing this volume.