RDP 2012-01: Co-movement in Inflation Appendix C: Data Sources

Table C1: Data Sources
Series Source(s)
Consumer price indices for individual G7 economies OECD.Stat (database); Thomson Reuters; quarterly index constructed as the average of the monthly index for the relevant quarter
Consumer price indices excluding food and energy for individual G7 economies As above
Real GDP, real private consumption and real fixed private investment for individual G7 economies Thomson Reuters; national sources, March 2011 vintage
Oil and non-fuel commodity prices IMF International Financial Statistics database, June 2011
US/SDR exchange rate RBA
Australian consumer price inflation ABS; RBA
Australian trimmed mean inflation ABS; RBA
Australian inflation expectations Norman and Richards (2010); RBA
Australian output gap Norman and Richards (2010); RBA
Australian unemployment rate ABS; RBA
Australian import prices ABS; Norman and Richards (2010); RBA
Australian real unit labour costs ABS; Norman and Richards (2010); RBA