Research Discussion Paper – RDP 2018-07 The GFC Investment Tax Break

Supplementary Information

Read me file

This ‘read me’ file contains details of the code and data included in this archive that were used to generate the results reported in RDP 2018-07. Plotting data for all figures appearing in the RDP can be found in the spreadsheet ‘rdp-2018-07-graph-data .xlsx’.


Data sources are detailed in Section 4 of the paper. None of the data used in the regressions can be released due to confidentiality requirements.

Figure data

All Figures: Public Availability OK


Code for difference-in-differences model cannot be released due to confidentiality issues relating to the Capex Survey microdata.

The regression discontinuity results reported in this RDP were generated using Stata 13.0. The package rdrobust is required to produce Table 4. The package rddensity is required to run the formal manipulation tests from Section 5.3.2

Included in this archive is the following program ‘RD for Rodgers and’. This program contains the code to produce the results from the model. It is split into a nine parts, each of which performs a different piece of the analysis. See program for details.

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