RDP 2009-04: Price Incentives and Consumer Payment Behaviour Appendix A: Diary Study Fields

Table A1: Fields in the Diary Survey
Payments(a) Cash withdrawals
Date Yes Yes
Transaction amount Yes Yes
Method One of the following methods:
1. Cash
2. Debit card using a PIN
3. MasterCard/Visa debit card
4. MasterCard/Visa credit card
5. American Express/Diners Club card
6. Petrol/store card
7. Personal cheque
9. Other
One of the following methods:
1. ATM
2. EFTPOS cash-out
3. Over-the-counter
4. Other
Channel One of the following channels:
1. In person
2. Phone
3. Internet
4. Mail
Not applicable
Merchant type One of the following merchant types:
A – Supermarket
B – Liquor store
C – Small food store
E – Other retailer
F – Petrol/fuel for motor vehicles
G – Transport
H – Take-away/fast-food
J – Restaurant/formal dining
K – Pub/bar
L – Sporting and entertainment (leisure)
M – Holiday travel/hotel accommodation
N – Insurance
P – Health/medical care
R – Housing/utilities
S – Education/childcare
U – Professional service/home repair/home improvements
Z – Other
Not applicable
Surcharge paid Yes Not applicable
Special trip Not applicable Yes/No
(a) Participants were asked to report payments of bills as payments but were asked not to include any repayments of loans such as credit card repayments or mortgage instalments. Participants were asked to record only personal payments and exclude ‘business’ payments such as those made on behalf of an employer.