RDP 2000-04: Keynes and Australia Acknowledgments

This paper was presented at a Seminar in the Research Department of the Reserve Bank of Australia on 18 September 1985. However, it should be regarded as in the nature of a draft.

I owe a very great debt of gratitude to the Bank for my Research Internship from July to September 1985, and especially to Peter Jonson and Austin Holmes for their great help and encouragement with this paper.

In the preparation of it, I have spoken with Professor HW Arndt, Dr DG Badger, TJ Bartley, Miss Judy Butlin, Dr HC Coombs, Professor WM Corden, Ernest Eyers, JM (‘Pete’) Garland, JB Kirkwood, Sir Leslie Melville, Sir John and Lady Phillips, and Sir Frederick Wheeler. I am very grateful to all of them.

The staff of the Reserve Bank Research Library have been extremely helpful (and tolerant), as were the Archives staff of the Bank. Miss Margery Kent very kindly typed the paper. To her, and to all others who have helped, I am most thankful.

The interview and archival research done for this paper would allow a more detailed account of Australian policy towards the Bretton Woods institutions in the years 1942 to 1947 than it is possible to give here; but this must await another day.

Needless to say, I alone am responsible for all opinions and any errors in this paper.

Donald J Markwell
18 September 1985