RDP 9013: A Select Bibliography of Published Research by the Reserve Bank of Australia : 1969–1990 Conference Volumes

  1. Papers in Monetary Economics. Vol. I and II. Sydney : Reserve Bank of Australia, 1976. Revised version of seven papers presented at the Conference in Monetary Economics, Sydney, July 1975, and two additional papers.

    Vol. I papers:

    Argy, V.E. The Dynamics of Monetary Policy under Flexible Exchange Rates : An Exploratory Analysis

    Cooper, R.N. Monetary Theory and Policy in an Open Economy

    Goodhart, C.A.E. Monetary Relationships : A View from Threadneedle Street

    Goodhart, C.A.E. Problems of Monetary Management : The U.K. Experience[36]

    Porter, M.G. Anticipation and Policy Mix in Open Economies

    Tobin, J. Monetary Policy and Inflation

    Vol. II papers:

    Helliwell, J.F. and Higgins, C.I. Macroeconomic Adjustment Processes

    Parkin, J.M., Cooper, R.J., Henderson, J.F. and Danes, M.K. An Integrated Model of Consumption, Investment and Portfolio Decisions

    Purvis, D.D. Portfolio and Consumption Decisions : Towards a Model of the Transmission Process

  2. Norton, W.E. and Stammer, D.W. (eds). Conference in Applied Economic Research : Papers and Proceedings. Sydney : Reserve Bank of Australia, 1976.


    Higgins, C.I., Johnston, H.N. and Coghlan, P.L. Business Investment : The Recent Experience

    Freebairn, J.W. Determinants of Consumption

    Gregory, R.G. The Balance of Payments and Some Resource Allocation Issues

    Nieuwenhuysen, J.P. and Daly, A.E. A Preliminary Assessment of the Prices Justification Tribunal, 1973–1976

    Jonson, P.D. Some Aspects of Recent Inflation

    Adams, C. and Porter, M.G. The Stability of the Demand for Money

  3. Norton, W.E. (ed). Conference in Applied Economic Research. Sydney : Reserve Bank of Australia, 1977.

    Papers on RBA76:

    Jonson, P.D., Moses, E.R. and Wymer, C.R. The RBA76 Model of the Australian Economy

    Jonson, P.D., Taylor, J.C., Butlin, M.W., Eberhardt, J.I. and Rankin, R.W. Development and Use of RBA76

    Commentaries on RBA76:

    Bacon, B.R. and Johnston, H.N. Statistical Methodology in RBA76

    Davis, K.T. and Lewis, M.K. Monetary Dynamics and the Monetary Sector of RBA76

    Deane, R.S. Random Reflections on RBA76

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This paper contains the first reference to what became known as “Goodhart's Law”. For an account of the history of “Goodhart's Law” see Paul Evans, “Money, Output and Goodhart's Law : The U.S. Experience”, The Review of Economics and Statistics Feb 1985, pp.1–8. [36]

Published in Economic Record Mar 1990, pp.37–62. [37]