Research Discussion Paper – RDP 7701 abridged A Preliminary Annual Database 1900/01 to 1973/74 Abridged Version[*]



This is an abridged version of a longer paper, which contains the numbers used to construct the graphs in this paper, and some notes on the methods used to construct the data. The paper owes a great debt to a large number of persons, none of whom are responsible for any remaining errors. I would like to thank Dr D.G. Badger, Professor N.G. Butlin, Professor S.J. Butlin, Professor Colin Clark, Mr A. Cohen, Dr A.R. Hall, Dr P.D. Jonson and Mr R.C. White for useful comments on and criticism of earlier drafts. Belinda Blaxland, Annette Cunningham, Denise Peters and Andrew Weiss provided invaluable help in the preparation of this paper. The Reserve Bank of Australia is not responsible for any errors or for the judgements made at several points in constructing the estimates; the data are not official. [*]