RBA Annual Conference – 2013 List of Conference Participants

Franklin Allen Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
Chris Aylmer Reserve Bank of Australia
Morten Bech Bank for International Settlements
Matthew Boge Reserve Bank of Australia
Jean-Pierre Danthine Swiss National Bank
Kevin Davis Australian Centre for Financial Studies
Guy Debelle Reserve Bank of Australia
Piti Disyatat Bank of Thailand
Malcolm Edey Reserve Bank of Australia
Yihan Fang Monetary Authority of Singapore
Ippei Fujiwara Australian National University
Prasanna Gai The University of Auckland
Joel Grant Australian Prudential Regulation Authority
Steve Grenville Lowy Institute
Nicolas Groshenny The University of Adelaide
Neil Grummitt Australian Prudential Regulation Authority
Alexandra Heath Reserve Bank of Australia
Stella Huangfu The University of Sydney
Jiang Huifen People's Bank of China
Grahame Johnson Bank of Canada
Jonathan Kearns Reserve Bank of Australia
Todd Keister Rutgers University
Gerard Kelly Reserve Bank of Australia
Christopher Kent Reserve Bank of Australia
Mariano Kulish University of New South Wales
Matthew Lilley Reserve Bank of Australia
Philip Lowe Reserve Bank of Australia
Mark Manning Reserve Bank of Australia
Kevin Nixon Institute of International Finance
Nick Palmer Australian Prudential Regulation Authority
Richard Portes London Business School
Bruce Preston Monash University
Meghan Quinn The Australian Treasury
Hélène Rey London Business School
Bernd Schwaab European Central Bank
Toshitaka Sekine Bank of Japan
Manmohan Singh International Monetary Fund
Grant Spencer Reserve Bank of New Zealand
Chris Stewart Reserve Bank of Australia
Paul Veerhuis Australian Prudential Regulation Authority
Jason Wu Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
Arthur Yuen Hong Kong Monetary Authority
Qin Zhang People's Bank of China Representative Office for the South Pacific


The editors are grateful to Wendy Baker, Paula Drew, Phillipa Kelly, Kelly O'Brien, Lydia Papandrea, Rachel Williams and the staff of Economic Research and Information Departments for much help in organising the Conference and producing this volume.