RBA Annual Conference – 1994 List of Conference Participants

Palle S. Andersen Reserve Bank of Australia
Kym Anderson The University of Adelaide
Heinz Arndt The Australian National University
Bijit Bora The Flinders University of South Australia
Jeff Borland The University of Melbourne
Susan Collins The Brookings Institution and Georgetown University
Steve Dowrick The Australian National University
Peter Drysdale The Australian National University
Jacqueline Dwyer Reserve Bank of Australia
Henry Ergas Trade Practices Commission and
John F. Kennedy School of Government – Harvard University
Jerome Fahrer Reserve Bank of Australia
Pamela Fayle Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Allan Fels Trade Practices Commission
Ross Garnaut The Australian National University
Reuven Glick Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Stephen Grenville Reserve Bank of Australia
David Gruen Reserve Bank of Australia
Fred Hilmer Australian Graduate School of Management
John Howe Bureau of Industry Economics
Barry Hughes CS First Boston and University of Newcastle
Helen Hughes The Australian National University and The University of Melbourne
Neil Hyden The Treasury
Kazuhiko Ishida The Bank of Japan
Brian Jones Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet
Lam San Ling The Monetary Authority of Singapore
Robert Lawrence Harvard University
Ruogu Li The People's Bank of China
Peter Lloyd The University of Melbourne
Philip Lowe Reserve Bank of Australia
Ian Macfarlane Reserve Bank of Australia
Titanun Mallikamas Bank of Thailand
Catherine Mann Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
Frederic Mishkin Columbia Business School and Reserve Bank of Australia
Bill Norton Macquarie University
Andrew Pease Reserve Bank of Australia
John Quiggin The Australian National University and James Cook University of North Queensland
Geoffrey Shuetrim Reserve Bank of Australia
Judith Sloan The Flinders University of South Australia
Richard Snape Monash University
Glenn Stevens Reserve Bank of Australia
Glenn Withers Economic Planning Advisory Council
Mark Wright Reserve Bank of Australia