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RITS Session Times and Operational Arrangements – July 2015
Appendix 3: Time Period Advices Under Evening Operations for CLS

The following table sets out the description of the Time Period Advices (TPA) sent by RITS and the event to which they refer. The table shows the times that standard TPAs are sent in both Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) and Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time (AEDT).

A Standard TPA is sent when a session opens. A Revised TPA is sent when a change is made to the opening or closing times of a session.

The following exceptions apply (as referenced in the table below):

  1. Revised advices are not sent for the Morning Settlement Session.
  2. A revised advice is sent when the closing time for SWIFT Payments processing is changed.
  3. A standard advice is sent when the RITS System Queue shuts down.

The SWIFT Evening Settlement Session is not currently used.

Advice Tag
Coverage Standard Advice
Sessions opens
Revised Advice
Session times change
Time Sent in AEST Time Sent in AEDT
02 Morning Settlement Session x 1 07:30 07:30
03 Daily Settlement Session 09:15 09:15
06 SWIFT Daily Settlement Session 09:15 09:15
04 Settlement Close Session 16:30 16:30
12 SWIFT Evening Settlement Session Not currently used Not currently used Not currently used Not currently used
13 SWIFT Final Settlement Session 16:30 16:30
10 Interim Session 17:15 17:15
11 Evening Settlement Session 17:20 (approx) 17:20 (approx)
09 SWIFT Settlement Close Session (SWIFTEND) 18:05 20:05
07 SWIFT Payment Processor Cut-off Time x 2 * *
05 Reports Session 22:00 22:00
08 RITS System Queue processing complete 3 x 22:02 (approx) 22:02 (approx)
01 RTGS Closed 22:30 22:30