Submissions on Possible EFTPOS Designation

When the Reserve Bank foreshadowed its possible designation of the EFTPOS payment system, it indicated that it would seek the views of interested parties on whether designation would be in the public interest. The following submissions have been received:

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Received by 9 July 2004

Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited
Letter 31KB
9 July 2004

Australian Merchant Payments Forum
Submission to RBA re EFTPOS Designation 125KB
Attachment 2: Why does Australia have negative interchange for EFTPOS? 649KB
9 July 2004

Australian Payments Clearing Association
Letter 62KB
8 July 2004

Australian Settlements Limited
Letter 85KB
9 July 2004

Bank of Queensland Limited
Letter - 51K PDF
Submission to Reserve Bank of Australia: EFTPOS System Designation 64KB
8 July 2004

BP Australia Pty Limited
Letter 83KB
9 July 2004

Coles Myer Ltd
Submission to the Reserve Bank of Australia: Designation of Australia's EFTPOS and ATM Systems 162KB
9 July 2004

Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Letter 231KB
8 July 2004

Credit Union Services Corporation (Australia) Limited
Letter 200KB
9 July 2004

Peter Mair
Letter 57KB
Submission to Reserve Bank of Australia: Reform of Card Payment Systems 130KB
8 July 2004

MoneySwitch Ltd
Letter 44KB
7 July 2004

National Australia Bank Limited
Letter 43KB
Response to RBA on Potential Designation of EFTPOS & ATMs 370KB
9 July 2004

Post Office Agents Association Limited
Letter 95KB
1 July 2004

Pulse International Pty Ltd
Letter 87KB
9 July 2004

St George Bank Limited
Letter 51KB
9 July 2004

Jon Stanhope MLA, ACT Chief Minister
Letter 54KB
6 July 2004

Max Stark
E-mail 61KB
13 June 2004

Suncorp-Metway Ltd
Submission to the Reserve Bank of Australia: Regarding Designation of the EFTPOS Payment System and the ATM Payment System 95KB
9 July 2004

Westpac Banking Corporation
Letter 23KB
9 July 2004

Received after 9 July 2004

Australian Institute of Petroleum
Letter 29KB
19 July 2004

Coles Myer Ltd
Letter 147KB
9 August 2004

CreditLink Services Ltd
Letter 80KB
Submission to the RBA on Designation of the ATM and EFTPOS Systems 80KB
16 July 2004

Margaret Keech MP, Queensland Minister for Tourism, Fair Trading and Wine Industry Development
Letter 59KB
20 August 2004