Financial Stability Snapshot 9 April 2021


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Global economic outlook

Global economic outlook looks optimistic but the recovery is uneven

Asset prices

Asset prices are rising and Australian housing prices are up by 6%.

Housing credit growth

Investor 1.2% and Owner-occupier 6.4%

New housing loan approval

High LVR shares (LVR>=90) 11%. High debt to income share (DTI>=6) 17%.

Business conditions

Business conditions have improved but pockets of risk remain.

Loan repayment deferrals

Housing loans deferrals is at 0.5%. Small and medium business loans deferrals is at 11%.

Australian Banks resilient

Capital high CET1 12.1%. Liquidity ample LCR > 140%

Commercial property risks elevated

But low share of banks' assets at 6%.

Cyber attacks

Risks associated with cyber-attacks have increased.