Research Discussion Papers – 2021

The Research Discussion Paper (RDP) series is intended to make the results of current economic research within the Reserve Bank of Australia available for discussion and comment. The views expressed in these papers are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the Reserve Bank. Abstracts or introductions of all RDPs are available online; the full text of RDPs published since 1983 are available in PDF format.

RDP 2021-09 Is the Phillips Curve Still a Curve? Evidence from the Regions

James Bishop and Emma Greenland

RDP 2021-08 Job Loss, Subjective Expectations and Household Spending

Gabrielle Penrose and Gianni La Cava

RDP 2021-07 Macroprudential Limits on Mortgage Products: The Australian Experience

Nicholas Garvin, Alex Kearney and Corrine Rosé

RDP 2021-05 Central Bank Communication: One Size Does Not Fit All

Joan Huang and John Simon

RDP 2021-03 Financial Conditions and Downside Risk to Economic Activity in Australia

Luke Hartigan and Michelle Wright

RDP 2021-02 Star Wars at Central Banks

Adam Gorajek, Joel Bank, Andrew Staib, Benjamin Malin and Hamish Fitchett

RDP 2021-01 The Role of Collateral in Borrowing

Nicholas Garvin, David W Hughes and José-Luis Peydró