Research Discussion Papers – 2015

The Research Discussion Paper (RDP) series is intended to make the results of current economic research within the Reserve Bank of Australia available for discussion and comment. The views expressed in these papers are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the Reserve Bank. Abstracts or introductions of all RDPs are available online; the full text of RDPs published since 1983 are available in PDF format.

RDP 2015-15 Household Economic Inequality in Australia

Rosetta Dollman, Greg Kaplan, Gianni La Cava and Tahlee Stone

RDP 2015-14 Okun's Law and Potential Output

David Lancaster and Peter Tulip

RDP 2015-13 Seasonal Adjustment of Chinese Economic Statistics

Ivan Roberts and Graham White

RDP 2015-12 Modelling the Australian Dollar

Jonathan Hambur, Lynne Cockerell, Christopher Potter, Penelope Smith and Michelle Wright

RDP 2015-11 Unprecedented Changes in the Terms of Trade

Mariano Kulish and Daniel Rees

RDP 2015-10 The Life of Australian Banknotes

Alexandra Rush

RDP 2015-09 Inflation Targeting: A Victim of Its Own Success?

Christian Gillitzer and John Simon

RDP 2015-07 A Multi-sector Model of the Australian Economy

Daniel Rees, Penelope Smith and Jamie Hall

RDP 2015-05 The Social Costs of Currency Counterfeiting

Nathan Viles, Alexandra Rush and Thomas Rohling

RDP 2015-02 Central Counterparty Loss Allocation and Transmission of Financial Stress

Alexandra Heath, Gerard Kelly and Mark Manning

RDP 2015-01 Stress Testing the Australian Household Sector Using the HILDA Survey

Tom Bilston, Robert Johnson and Matthew Read