Research Discussion Papers – 2014

We publish the results of longer-term research conducted by our staff in Research Discussion Papers (RDPs), which stimulate discussion and comment on policy-relevant issues. The views expressed in RDPs are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of the Bank. Recent RDPs also include detailed replication files and a non-technical summary of the paper.

RDP 2014-14 The Evolution of Payment Costs in Australia

Chris Stewart, Iris Chan, Crystal Ossolinski, David Halperin and Paul Ryan

RDP 2014-13 Mortgage-related Financial Difficulties: Evidence from Australian Micro-level Data

Matthew Read, Chris Stewart and Gianni La Cava

RDP 2014-12 A State-space Approach to Australian GDP Measurement

Daniel Rees, David Lancaster and Richard Finlay

RDP 2014-11 Exchange Rate Movements and the Australian Economy

Josef Manalo, Dilhan Perera and Daniel Rees

RDP 2014-10 Financial Reform in Australia and China

Alexander Ballantyne, Jonathan Hambur, Ivan Roberts and Michelle Wright

RDP 2014-09 Predicting Dwelling Prices with Consideration of the Sales Mechanism

David Genesove and James Hansen

RDP 2014-08 The Effect of the Mining Boom on the Australian Economy

Peter Downes, Kevin Hanslow and Peter Tulip

RDP 2014-06 Is Housing Overvalued?

Ryan Fox and Peter Tulip

RDP 2014-05 The Changing Way We Pay: Trends in Consumer Payments

Crystal Ossolinski, Tai Lam and David Emery

RDP 2014-04 Home Price Beliefs in Australia

Callan Windsor, Gianni La Cava and James Hansen

RDP 2014-03 Household Saving in Australia

Richard Finlay and Fiona Price

RDP 2014-02 Fiscal Policy and the Inflation Target

Peter Tulip

RDP 2014-01 Macroeconomic Consequences of Terms of Trade Episodes, Past and Present

Tim Atkin, Mark Caputo, Tim Robinson and Hao Wang