Research Discussion Papers – 2007

We publish the results of longer-term research conducted by our staff in Research Discussion Papers (RDPs), which stimulate discussion and comment on policy-relevant issues. The views expressed in RDPs are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of the Bank. Recent RDPs also include detailed replication files and a non-technical summary of the paper.

RDP 2007-12 Dynamic Pricing and Imperfect Common Knowledge

Kristoffer Nimark

RDP 2007-11 Global Imbalances and the Global Saving Glut – A Panel Data Assessment

Anthony Legg, Nalini Prasad and Tim Robinson

RDP 2007-09 Private Business Investment in Australia

Lynne Cockerell and Steven Pennings

RDP 2007-06 The Butterfly Effect of Small Open Economies

Jarkko Jääskelä and Mariano Kulish

RDP 2007-05 Labour Force Participation and Household Debt

Rochelle Belkar, Lynne Cockerell and Rebecca Edwards

RDP 2007-04 Productivity Growth: The Effect of Market Regulations

Christopher Kent and John Simon

RDP 2007-03 Forecasting with Factors: The Accuracy of Timeliness

Christian Gillitzer and Jonathan Kearns

RDP 2007-02 Current Account Deficits: The Australian Debate

Rochelle Belkar, Lynne Cockerell and Christopher Kent