Research Discussion Papers – 2004

We publish the results of longer-term research conducted by our staff in Research Discussion Papers (RDPs), which stimulate discussion and comment on policy-relevant issues. The views expressed in RDPs are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of the Bank. Recent RDPs also include detailed replication files and a non-technical summary of the paper.

RDP 2004-11 Trade Openness: An Australian Perspective

Simon Guttmann and Anthony Richards

RDP 2004-10 News and Interest Rate Expectations: A Study of Six Central Banks

Ellis Connolly and Marion Kohler

RDP 2004-09 Co-movement of Australian State Business Cycles

David Norman and Thomas Walker

RDP 2004-08 Housing Construction Cycles and Interest Rates

Laura Berger-Thomson and Luci Ellis

RDP 2004-07 The Profitability of Speculators in Currency Futures Markets

Jonathan Kearns and Phil Manners

RDP 2004-04 Inflation Convergence Across Countries

Markus Hyvonen

RDP 2004-03 Fear of Sudden Stops: Lessons from Australia and Chile

Ricardo J Caballero, Kevin Cowan and Jonathan Kearns

RDP 2004-02 The Impact of Rating Changes in Australian Financial Markets

Adam Creighton, Luke Gower and Anthony Richards

RDP 2004-01 The Impact of Superannuation on Household Saving

Ellis Connolly and Marion Kohler