Research Discussion Papers – 2003

The Research Discussion Paper (RDP) series is intended to make the results of current economic research within the Reserve Bank of Australia available for discussion and comment. The views expressed in these papers are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the Reserve Bank. Abstracts or introductions of all RDPs are available online; the full text of RDPs published since 1983 are available in PDF format.

RDP 2003-12 The Real-time Forecasting Performance of Phillips Curves

Tim Robinson, Andrew Stone and Marileze van Zyl

RDP 2003-11 How Should Monetary Policy Respond to Asset-price Bubbles?

David Gruen, Michael Plumb and Andrew Stone

RDP 2003-10 Productivity and Inflation

Tim Bulman and John Simon

RDP 2003-09 Housing Leverage in Australia

Luci Ellis, Jeremy Lawson and Laura Roberts-Thomson

RDP 2003-06 The Characteristics and Trading Behaviour of Dual-listed Companies

Jaideep Bedi, Anthony Richards and Paul Tennant

RDP 2003-05 What Do Financial Market Data Tell Us About Monetary Policy Transparency?

Jonathan Coppel and Ellis Connolly

RDP 2003-03 Australia's Medium-run Exchange Rate: A Macroeconomic Balance Approach

Nikola Dvornak, Marion Kohler and Gordon Menzies

RDP 2003-01 Business Surveys and Economic Activity

Chris Aylmer and Troy Gill