Research Discussion Papers – 2000

We publish the results of longer-term research conducted by our staff in Research Discussion Papers (RDPs), which stimulate discussion and comment on policy-relevant issues. The views expressed in RDPs are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of the Bank. Recent RDPs also include detailed replication files and a non-technical summary of the paper.

RDP 2000-10 Monetary Policy-making in the Presence of Knightian Uncertainty

Adam Cagliarini and Alexandra Heath

RDP 2000-09 Consumption and Wealth

Alvin Tan and Graham Voss

RDP 2000-08 Nominal Wage Rigidity in Australia

Jacqueline Dwyer and Kenneth Leong

RDP 2000-06 Inflation Targeting and Exchange Rate Fluctuations in Australia

Chris Ryan and Christopher Thompson

RDP 2000-05 A Small Model of the Australian Macroeconomy

Meredith Beechey, Nargis Bharucha, Adam Cagliarini, David Gruen and Christopher Thompson

RDP 2000-04 Keynes and Australia

Donald J Markwell

RDP 2000-02 Forecasting Australian Economic Activity Using Leading Indicators

Andrea Brischetto and Graham Voss

RDP 2000-01 The Efficient Market Hypothesis: A Survey

Meredith Beechey, David Gruen and James Vickery