Research Discussion Papers – 1994

The Research Discussion Paper (RDP) series is intended to make the results of current economic research within the Reserve Bank of Australia available for discussion and comment. The views expressed in these papers are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the Reserve Bank. Abstracts or introductions of all RDPs are available online; the full text of RDPs published since 1983 are available in PDF format.

RDP 9411 Demand Shocks, Inflation and the Business Cycle

Richard de Abreu Lourenco and Philip Lowe

RDP 9410 An Empirical Examination of the Fisher Effect in Australia

Frederic S. Mishkin and John Simon

RDP 9408 The Supervisory Treatment of Banks' Market Risk

Stephanie Weston and Brian Gray

RDP 9404 Wage Dispersion and Labour Market Institutions: A Cross Country Study

Michael Coelli, Jerome Fahrer and Holly Lindsay

RDP 9403 Capital Constraints and Employment

Jerome Fahrer and John Simon

RDP 9402 The Influence of Financial Factors on Corporate Investment

Karen Mills, Steven Morling and Warren Tease

RDP 9401 Resource Flows to the Traded Goods Sector

Jacqueline Dwyer and Christine Groeger