Research Discussion Papers – 1993

The Research Discussion Paper (RDP) series is intended to make the results of current economic research within the Reserve Bank of Australia available for discussion and comment. The views expressed in these papers are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the Reserve Bank. Abstracts or introductions of all RDPs are available online; the full text of RDPs published since 1983 are available in PDF format.

RDP 9314 The Demand for Money in Australia: New Tests on an Old Topic

Gordon de Brouwer, Irene Ng and Robert Subbaraman

RDP 9313 The Determinants of Corporate Leverage: A Panel Data Analysis

Geoffrey Shuetrim, Philip Lowe and Steve Morling

RDP 9312 A Re-examination of the Determinants of Australia's Imports

Jacqueline Dwyer and Christopher Kent

RDP 9311 Agency Costs, Balance Sheets and the Business Cycle

Philip Lowe and Thomas Rohling

RDP 9310 Explaining the Recent Performance of Australia's Manufactured Exports

Gordon Menzies and Geoffrey Heenan

RDP 9309 Alternative Concepts of the Real Exchange Rate: A Reconciliation

Jacqueline Dwyer and Philip Lowe

RDP 9308 Balance Sheet Restructuring and Investment

Karen Mills, Steve Morling and Warren Tease

RDP 9307 Explaining Forward Discount Bias: Is it Anchoring?

David W. R. Gruen and Marianne Gizycki

RDP 9306 Inventories and the Business Cycle

Darren Flood and Philip Lowe

RDP 9305 The Unemployment/Vacancy Relationship in Australia

Jerome Fahrer and Andrew Pease

RDP 9304 Exchange Rate Pass-through: The Different Responses of Importers and Exporters

Jacqueline Dwyer, Christopher Kent and Andrew Pease

RDP 9302 A Decade of Australian Banking Risk: Evidence from Share Prices

Marianne Gizycki and Mark Levonian