Research Discussion Papers – 1981

We publish the results of longer-term research conducted by our staff in Research Discussion Papers (RDPs), which stimulate discussion and comment on policy-relevant issues. The views expressed in RDPs are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of the Bank. Recent RDPs also include detailed replication files and a non-technical summary of the paper.

RDP 8105 Economy-wide Modelling: The Way Ahead

P.D. Jonson, W.J. McKibbin and R.G. Trevor

RDP 8104 External and Domestic Interactions: A Sensitivity Analysis (Further Results)

Peter Jonson, Warwick McKibbin and R.G. Trevor

RDP 8103 The Labour Market in Australia: A Review

Francis Campbell

RDP 8101T Overdrafts and Credit Rationing

Matthew Butlin