RBA Annual Conference – 2007 Glossary

Alphabetical List of Selected ISO Country Codes(a)
ISO Code Country ISO Code Country
AR Argentina KR Korea, Republic of
AT Austria LK Sri Lanka
AU Australia LU Luxembourg
BD Bangladesh MO Macau
BE Belgium MX Mexico
BR Brazil MY Malaysia
CA Canada NI Nicaragua
CH Switzerland NL Netherlands
CL Chile NO Norway
CN China NP Nepal
CO Colombia NZ New Zealand
CZ Czech Republic PA Panama
DE Germany PE Peru
DK Denmark PH Philippines
DO Dominican Republic PK Pakistan
ES Spain PL Poland
FI Finland PT Portugal
FR France PY Paraguay
GB United Kingdom SE Sweden
GR Greece SG Singapore
GT Guatemala SK Slovakia
HK Hong Kong SV El Salvador
HU Hungary TH Thailand
ID Indonesia TW Taiwan
IE Ireland US United States
IN India UY Uruguay
IT Italy VE Venezuela
JP Japan VN Vietnam
(a) ISO is the International Organization for Standardization.