RBA Annual Conference – 2000 List of Conference Participants

Charles Bean London School of Economics
Jillian Broadbent Company Director and Reserve Bank Board Member
Peter Crone Office of the Prime Minister
Peter Dawkins The Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research
J Bradford DeLong University of California – Berkeley
Steve Dowrick The Australian National University
Malcolm Edey Reserve Bank of Australia
John Edwards HSBC Australia
Saul Eslake Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited
Ted Evans The Treasury
Rob Ferguson BT Financial Group
Peter Forsyth Monash University
John Freebairn The University of Melbourne
Ross Gittins The Sydney Morning Herald
Bob Gregory The Australian National University
Stephen Grenville Reserve Bank of Australia
David Gruen Reserve Bank of Australia
Ian Harper Melbourne Business School
Ken Henry The Treasury
Thomas M Hoenig Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
Barry Hughes Credit Suisse Asset Management
Michael Keating The Australian National University
Paul Kelly The Australian
Stephen King The University of Melbourne
Robert Leeson Murdoch University
Philip Lowe Reserve Bank of Australia
Ian Macfarlane Reserve Bank of Australia
Warwick McKibbin The Australian National University
Alan Mitchell The Australian Financial Review
John Piggott University of New South Wales
John Quiggin The Australian National University
Chris Richardson Access Economics Pty Ltd
Colin Rogers The University of Adelaide
Judith Sloan Productivity Commission
Richard Snape Productivity Commission
Glenn Stevens Reserve Bank of Australia
William R White Bank for International Settlements
Alan Wood The Australian


The editors are very grateful to Pam Dillon, Daniele Di Paolo, Paula Drew, Gary Ellison, Kellie Jennar and the staff of Economic Research Department for much help in organising the conference and producing this volume.