RBA Annual Conference – 1995 List of Conference Participants

Palle Andersen Reserve Bank of Australia
Charles Aspden Australian Bureau of Statistics
Grant Belchamber Australian Council of Trade Unions
Ian Castles Australian Bureau of Statistics
Peter Demura The Broken Hill Proprietary Co Ltd
Steve Dowrick Australian National University
Jacqueline Dwyer Reserve Bank of Australia
Henry Ergas Trade Practices Commission
Vince FitzGerald The Allen Consulting Group Pty Ltd
Bernie Fraser Reserve Bank of Australia
Joshua Gans University of New South Wales
Ross Garnaut Australian National University
Robert Gordon Northwestern University
Bob Gregory Australian National University
Stephen Grenville Reserve Bank of Australia
David Gruen Reserve Bank of Australia
John Hawkins Hong Kong Monetary Authority
Barry Hughes CS First Boston and University of Newcastle
Kengo Inoue Bank of Japan
Michael Keating The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
Philip Lowe Reserve Bank of Australia
Ian Macfarlane Reserve Bank of Australia
David Mayes Reserve Bank of New Zealand
Warwick McKibbin Australian National University
Ian Monday Bureau of Industry Economics
Philip Norman Business Council of Australia
Bill Norton Macquarie University
Alan Oster National Australia Bank
Adrian Pagan Australian National University
Phang Hooi Eng Bank Negara Malaysia
John Pierce New South Wales Treasury
John Pitchford Australian National University
Stephen Poloz Bank of Canada
Gary Potts The Treasury
John Quiggin Australian National University and James Cook University of North Queensland
Michael Sarel International Monetary Fund
Bharat Trehan Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Glenn Withers Economic Planning Advisory Commission
Wong Fot Chyi Monetary Authority of Singapore