RBA Annual Conference – 1990 The Australian Macro-Economy in the 1980s 20–21 June 1990

1990 Cover

A range of prominent Australian academic, business and policy economists participated in the 1990 conference. Of the five papers presented at the conference, three were written by academic economists: Bruce Chapman of the Australian National University, Ross Milbourne of the University of New South Wales and Jeffrey Carmichael of Bond University, and the remaining two were written by economists from the Bank's Research Department.


  • Stephen Grenville, Reserve Bank of Australia
  • Bruce Chapman, Australian National University
    Richard Blandy, National Institute of Labour Studies, Flinders University
    George Fane, Australian National University
  • Malcolm Edey and Mark Britten-Jones, Reserve Bank of Australia
    John Piggott, University of New South Wales
    Tom Nguyen, Griffith University
  • Warren Tease, Reserve Bank of Australia
    John Pitchford, Australian National University
    Jeffrey R Shafer, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
  • Ross Milbourne, University of New South Wales
    Ian R Harper, University of Melbourne
    Peter J Stemp, Australian National University
  • Jeffrey Carmichael, Bond University
    Doug McTaggart, Bond University
    John Nevile, University of New South Wales