Report on the Australian OTC Derivatives Market – October 2012 Annex 3

Central Counterparties Clearing OTC Derivatives

Domicile CCP Product classes Status
Australia ASX Clear Equity Active
ASX Clear (Futures) Interest rate Proposed
Brazil BM&F Bovespa FX, equity, commodity, interest rate Active
Canada CDCC Equity Active
FX Proposed
China Shanghai Clearing House Interest rate Proposed
France LCH.Clearnet SA Credit Active
Germany Eurex Clearing Credit Active
Equity Proposed
Interest rate Proposed
European Commodity Clearing Commodity Active
Hong Kong HKEx Interest rate, FX Proposed
India Clearing Corporation of India FX Active
Interest rate Proposed
Japan JSCC Interest rate, credit Active
Korea Korea Exchange Interest rate, credit Proposed
Poland KDPW_CCP Interest rate, FX Proposed
Singapore AsiaClear Interest rate, commodity, FX Active
Sweden Nasdaq OMX Commodity, equity, interest rate Active
United Kingdom CME Clearing Europe Commodity, energy Active
Interest rate, credit, FX Proposed
ICE Clear Europe Credit, energy Active
LCH.Clearnet Ltd Interest rate, equity, commodity, FX Active
NYSE Liffe Equity, commodity Active
United States, CME Group Interest rate, credit, commodity, energy, FX Active
ICE Clear Credit Credit Active
LCH.Clearnet LLC Interest rate Proposed
NYPC Interest rate Proposed
Options Clearing Corporation Equity Proposed

Sources: FSB; RBA; Risk Magazine