Financial Aggregates June 2001

Credit provided to the private sector by financial intermediaries rose by 0.7 per cent in June, in seasonally adjusted terms, following a rise of 0.8 per cent in May. Total credit rose by 9.3 per cent over the year to June.

M3 rose by 1.1 per cent in June and broad money rose by 0.8 per cent, in seasonally adjusted terms. Over the year to June, M3 rose by 7.0 per cent and broad money rose by 6.1 per cent.

In addition, April credit growth has been revised to 0.6 per cent from 0.4 per cent, mainly due to an upward revision in business credit growth.

Growth rates are reported after adjusting for the effects of the breaks in series recorded in the footnotes to tables. Figures showing the levels of financial aggregates are not adjusted for series breaks.


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