RBA Annual Conference – 2008 List of Conference Participants

Ric Battellino Reserve Bank of Australia
Paul Bide Macquarie Bank
Paul Bloxham Reserve Bank of Australia
Adrian Blundell-Wignall Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Jillian Broadbent Company Director and Reserve Bank of Australia Board Member
Brian Cahill Moody's
Gerard Caprio Williams College
Lyn Cobley Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Satyajit Das
E Philip Davis Brunel University
Kevin Davis Melbourne Centre for Financial Studies
Guy Debelle Reserve Bank of Australia
Malcolm Edey Reserve Bank of Australia
Alex Erskine Australian Securities and Investment Commission
Saul Eslake Australia and New Zealand Banking Group
Prasanna Gai Australian National University
David Gruen Australian Treasury
Ian Harper Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne
Spence Hilton Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Donna Howard Bank of Canada
Jonathan Kearns Reserve Bank of Australia
Christopher Kent Reserve Bank of Australia
John Laker Australian Prudential Regulation Authority
Edmond Lau Hong Kong Monetary Authority
Matt Levins Eirdin Consulting
Charles Littrell Australian Prudential Regulation Authority
Philip Lowe Reserve Bank of Australia
Adrian Penalver Bank of England
Richard Portes London Business School
Eli Remolona Bank for International Settlements
Anthony Richards Reserve Bank of Australia
Heidi Richards Australian Prudential Regulation Authority
Chris Ryan Reserve Bank of Australia
Michael Skully Monash University
Yutaka Soejima Bank of Japan
Grant Spencer Reserve Bank of New Zealand
Glenn Stevens Reserve Bank of Australia
Curt Zuber Westpac Banking Corporation


The editors are grateful to Wendy Baker, Herman Bugeja, Bhuvnesh Chaudry, Danièle Di Paolo, Paula Drew, Joanne Flynn, Amelia Hadley, Andrew Hodge, Kylie Lowe, Shirley Sam Yue, John Strumfin and the staff of the Economic Research and Financial Stability Departments for much help in organising the Conference and producing this volume.